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Passionate Canadian. Proud father of three and Maja. Successful entrepreneur. Active philanthropist. Accidental Dragon on CBC. Very happy guy.

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Just wrapping up at the Calgary Humane Society celebration of Maja's Dog Park. She loved it!

So now Maja has a pet racoon to play with. MooMoo came out to show support for the . Thx

Maja taking herself for a walk - at my Run for Sight - about to do 5k with #NormaBastisdas!!

Who would have thought I would find silver sequined runners so appealing? Do they have my size?

Walking Kensington Garden. What the hec is a "Mansory Cone". Wow...($200M homes on this street). No!

Just finished an absolutely hilarious meeting (almost an adventure in comedy) with #RickyGervais...

Just leaving the Liberty Grand. Sober. Cold. Lonely. Oh well. I tried..

This is a sixiplex I am developing with a couple of young entrepreneurs in Calgary. Any interest?

With Reggie - a true entrepreneur - making "TapTap's" out of garbage - hoping to resell this toy...

If you have any expectation of an Xmas gift from me - you can expect a Prairie Angel. Love it...

Another workshop - handpainted bowls - completely local artisans....getting ready for NYNY!

The beach/cove below the restaurant we are lunching at. Beautiful...

A beach of garbage. The locals have to learn to or want to care to clean their own wastes...

The beach at Jakmel. Gorgeous. But....plastic bottles everywhere. Brutal garbage challenge...

A small workshop in jakmel - preparing the product to ship to a well known chain in the USA.

Enroute to jakmel with Kelly Murmetz (Pres of Participaction and board member BrandAid).

Maya (aka MooMoo) showing off her new trim (with one shaved shoulder where the tumor was removed).

The amazing Kenny Munshaw - acoustics at the Berkeley are incredible .... what a gentleman!

Stumbled across an incredible carved stove Dragon. I need to own it. But how do I value it?

Maja teaching my dear friend Sindi how to relax on the grass/clover. (One pee'd there 1st).