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#tcot Christian Cons Patriot & Mom. Defending Liberty & Freedom! Love family, friends, r dogs & dancing, cha-cha-cha! Alter ego: @WPW_WOTDR

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My climbing rose first bloom

I know.. I sled him why he wouldn't run & he said ...

Woke up to morning blooms!! Hope all of you have a blessed morning and keep fighting the good fight!

RT : Are they eco-sheeple. Or mere eco-lemmings?// lol

We got triple! RT : Don't tell Michelle Chewbacca Obama.. We r gonna go get a DOUBLE BACONATOR!!

last one ... Lolz!

sometimes we must celebrate life!! We r truly blessed!

Just am!! :D wanna c some of my new flowers? RT : Whatcha all happy and jumping about?

Betty Boop blooming again

ok.. Make me that avi .. Lmao!! Tweet tweet haha!

#Islam Religion of Peace:

RT : RT LOL USA today calls Tea Party ... Insurgents... #youheardright #tcot #teaparty

Isabella wants my Mahi Mahi! Lol!

Mmmmmm --- yum!

Spin class with my daughter Ally!! Yay!!!! :-)

Came into my room 1:33 pm... Isabella puppy is a lazy thing today!!

oh, wowzers!!!!!!!brrrr went to get my daughter yesterday .. From a friends.. Still bit snow there most gone

#humor #unions #tcot #vote #wewillneverforget .....

DumbA$$ & Wife ... Left hand over your heart, let's begin.. #ugh

I have like 5 kinds .. :-) I LOVE THEM!!