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They see me trololollin', they hatin'.

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They're filming the stunts rn! #Chuck

Omg. =')

Got my Comic-Con Thusday badge! :D

Fucking huuuuge. Huger irl. D'=

Ughhhh kill meeeeeee. I thought I was done.

Awwww so sweet. left this for and

Mic check! It's like a pre-show Haha.

Bobb and Ali setting up!

Pretty Westwood from The Getty.

At Swingers having dinner with and ! :)

. and I! :D

Awwwww shieeeetttttt! Awwwwww yeaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh! Lol. #okayIwillstopnow

Omggggg bomb ass rainbow cupcakes are BOMB ASS. #Ifeelsoproudrightnow lol

Making rainbow cupcakes! :D

finally put on that Harry Potter tattoo we got lol. I put it on wonky. :S Looks cool tho.

More battle wounds lol.

Battle wounds from today's Monkey Canyon hike lol.

Omg best thing in the fucking world. The Subway next to my house is NOW 24 hours. ='D

First night living alone I tried cooking brown rice in the microwave and failed lol. It's all hard.