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They see me trololollin', they hatin'.

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Holy shit, is that a Halloween donut during the Holidays? #goddamnrightitis Halloween>>>Christmas

About to watch "A Dangerous Method" with and ! Q&A with David Cronenberg afterward! :D

. and !


It's and me! At the Queen Mary: Dark Harbor.

Lon Chaney's stage. =') /fangirl

Lon Chaney's stage. =') /fangirl

Coco's Halloween costume! Omg. Lol. <3

Omg this fucking man, I'm dying laughing.

Lmao drinks almost gone.

The bar is dim yet & I take a pic. Me: "my hair! It's so bright!" : "I look black!"

Omgomgomgggggg The Kills, round 2! Can't wait to see them again! ='D #favebands #ImsoexcitedandIjustcanthideit

lmao wtf, there's a line for this?! Lol.

Omg he's the drunkesty man here, I'm dying layughing. Loollllllllll.

My sister and I at a luau right now.

Omgomgomg dead of cute. I fucking want one.

Getting ready to see "Psycho" at the Hollywood Forever cemetery! :'D So excited!

Reading my fortune cookie:"Luck is with you now. Act upon your instincts" Niki:"Punch everyone in the face?" LOL.

Forgot to post this one too.

Pretty flowers I took lol. :3