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current wallpaper

that time I channeled my inner hank peters

ahh, my life's work

deep web

late 2k12 vs now, this could be u orin

thnx fb

I maked one

my best Spelunk so far:


but can I join to meet local cats???

very good shirt

oh yeah so I finished the brony doc. here's another screenshot I'm way into:

private vid of me & ;)))

Keep getting emails with subject lines like this. Desperate to save face, much?

and the award for Best Multiple-Subject Selfie goes tooooo: me & (obvi) (I think I took this one at least)

before we wrap things up, a retrospective... me about this time last year:

and the award for Best Props...

runner-up goes to:

idk if I'm gonna top it before the year ends so presenting the front runner for Phillis Selfie of the Year:

Snow Looks (wish this pic did my cool scarf justice)