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Weaponz donee! In 3 hrs lmao. These items will go online, IF I ever get my own zone lmao. Until then, just a pic!

  • 501 days ago via site
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More weaponzz. These will have the collours of my personal armor. (dark green).

Wrath Blade of the Shadows. >:D. No clue where it will be used for. Was basically a Skull practise soyea.. Enjoy!

  • 503 days ago via site
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Ok here is the LineArt for the skull I made. ( http://prntscr.com/v11sc ). I want YOU to make it now! Let me see how your style is, and how you would like to have it. Trace it or print it, and post your finished version in the comments below!

  • 505 days ago via site
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Da real Vokun o:

The Female SkullSeeker!

  • 509 days ago via site
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The Legion DeathBane! A sword full of darknesssssssssssssssss. Enjoy, fellow Legionaires!

  • 511 days ago via site
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The Legion SkullSeeker! An Old-Facion legion themed armor, a cane, AND a Polearm for the Legionaires! Hope y'all like it! :D

  • 514 days ago via site
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Sketched out a new armor for Dage's Legion. A cane, and hat, for the Classy Legionares!

The Copper Knight and the Silver Knight. I wanted them to look pretty similair, so that they are 2 Legendary Knights (: Enjoy!

  • 523 days ago via site
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The Silver Knight is done! So far my most detailed armor set. Enjoy guys! (No clue for prices, or release date.)

  • 527 days ago via site
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A sneek peek of the Silver Knight! Like it so far? No clue where it will be used for lol.

  • 529 days ago via site
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The Poison Blade of Vokun. The most powerful weapon ever forged.. Fear and Destruction, is what this weapon will bring. Enjoy. (No release Date set)

  • 531 days ago via site
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The Armored Minotaurus is done! Female will come later :). Enjoooy!

  • 537 days ago via site
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Armored MinoTaurus is in progress!

  • 539 days ago via site
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My army is growing >:D

  • 541 days ago via site
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You guys are amazingggg!

  • 544 days ago via site
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3 DarkBlood weaponzzzzzz. A claymore and 2 axes. Like it?

  • 545 days ago via site
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Me and checking out the items for my bday shop.
The blue glow on my armor and helm are CC to eye.

  • 545 days ago via site
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The DeathLord of Vokun is done! This armor holds the darkest powers. Doom and Destruction, is what these armors are made for. Enjoy.. >:D

  • 548 days ago via site
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