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The Pirate of Vokun is done! A new armor for #Vokunity. Added some stuff, and done some changes on the stomach. Enjoy this dark fellow!

  • 523 days ago via site
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As I promised about a month ago, I would make a Pirate for the #Vokunity. Here is a preview!

  • 523 days ago via site
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Something for Something!

  • 524 days ago via site
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The DeathBringer ingame! Without an awkward walk with the cape! Also, the glow on the Demon behind you is colour custom, and it is animated! #Vokunity

  • 525 days ago via site
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Just a Promo Art for later! #Vokunity >:D

  • 526 days ago via site
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The DeathBringer of Vokun. These well trained Necromancer Assassins WILL look for you, WILL find you, and WILL kill you. (That last sentence might was "taken" from a movie)

  • 527 days ago via site
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Male and female J6 Samurai, plus a katana! Not sure if it will be dual wielded. Did my very best on the details of the handle :D

  • 528 days ago via site
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Meet Elisabeth! Never tried drawing something like this yet, so this is my first I believe. Much to improve, but came out nicely to me :D. What do you think?

  • 529 days ago via site
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J6 Samuraaaaai >:D Katana comes later.

  • 529 days ago via site
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The second VoidBlade of Vokun is done! These twins only know victory, when wielding. I did the right one on a Live Stream, click here to watch the stream: http://nl.twitch.tv/vokunae/b/385693067

  • 531 days ago via site
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Here is my April's Fool item, the "VoidBlade of Vokun"! The joke is that it will NEVER be released :D. Enjoy :p

  • 532 days ago via site
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Space Mercenary is done :D. Might make more helms and weapons for this set. So far: Dual Gunnnnnzzzz

  • 533 days ago via site
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Chilling with some of my best friends in my AQW history. This pic is also for: and

  • 536 days ago via site
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Some golden swords I just doodled out :D.

  • 536 days ago via site
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The Shadow Guard of Vokun is done. Dunno why it took me so long but things came up that kept me from Flashing.

  • 539 days ago via site
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Shadow Guard in progress.

  • 542 days ago via site
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The SoulCollector of Vokun >:D. Comes when my zone opens someday. :p

  • 543 days ago via site
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From left to right: Shujaa, Sunblade of Victory, Bloodblade of damnation, NotANameForThisColour, Katana of Fire, and Zwamborn. The Katanas might be Dual Wield, no promisessss.

  • 549 days ago via site
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New axe done! I call it: The Zwamborn. It's a special name which means something IRL to me. Hope y'all like it guiz.

  • 549 days ago via site
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Good and Evil Katanas >:D

  • 551 days ago via site
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