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Polearm in progress.

  • 712 days ago via site
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  • 744 days ago via site
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Ferluci, a new weapon fresh from Flash. Enjoy.

  • 772 days ago via site
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Ok here are some items ready for upcoming release I think.

  • 787 days ago via site
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GrimSkuller Scythe! Yes, I changed the colours on the GrimSkuller, so it will match this perfectly :D

  • 801 days ago via site
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The BloodBlade of Vokun! Will be sold for a low price in my shop, as a thank-you for the 4000 followers! You all have been a great support, and because of that, I'll thank you with this shiny blade. Enjoy, friends and fans!

  • 806 days ago via site
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Can you guess where this weapon is mirrorred from? ;D

  • 809 days ago via site
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"The First Gate of Vokun", is how I call this sweetie of pure evil. With this Blade, you'll be able to open a part of the Forgotten Tombs. In the future, things CAN change. But this sword is waiting for you to be wield. Enjoy!

  • 811 days ago via site
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Mirror Caladbolg is done :D

  • 814 days ago via site
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The Skuller of Vokun is finally done! Got some stuff coming up this week, so it took my time away. BUT here it is :D, probably one of the hardest item to get in my zone. Get your farming suit and bag ready, because you'll need it >:D

  • 815 days ago via site
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TIMEKILLER CONTEST! Make sure to RT and follow the rules! Good luck everyone!

  • 816 days ago via site
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Preview of the Skuller of Vokun :D. Tried to add red in my main colour. Would you like to see more of these colour combinations in the future?

  • 818 days ago via site
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One new weapon for the Legion :D

  • 822 days ago via site
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Mirror Vokun is done, with a cape and 2 helms :D. Took me about 4 hours, so I'm satisfied.

  • 825 days ago via site
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Vokun the Good. WIP

  • 827 days ago via site
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Close-up to the gun of the Bounty Hunter of Vokun >:D

  • 831 days ago via site
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The Tomb Guard is done :D. Suggestions for a cape or weapon?

  • 833 days ago via site
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The Tomb Guard preview. Tried some diffrent shading style, should I keep to it? :D

  • 835 days ago via site
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The golden version of the Pirate of Vokun! Not sure when I am going to release this.

  • 841 days ago via site
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The Human version of the Pirate of Vokun. Comes with a new hairstyle :D. Made this to kill some time after I saw my cat dying. Rest in Peace, Pebbles. <3

  • 843 days ago via site
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