obama is a new ghetto word. As in 'I can eat a bag of chips obama-self!' • da pimp wozn't ere yet. ∞ 1/5

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WOW WHAT. I'm alive but barely breathing!

When paps say "Yo paki dude motherfucker" to zayn, this is what paul does. Paulways a babe.


I know he issss and here's another!

here's your baby being flawless x x


So this is a nerd to some people in his school. bc he wears glasses and likes history stuff. HE'S FUCKING BEAUTIFUL FFS

See, I can't listen!

I really can't contain my feels when people send me tweets about me and niall like these ! THEY LOVE US

SO I went through my favs and you should see how many people love us together. Yep, let's get married ok

Omg I was going through my mail and look what I found! jdnzowhiz nostalgic feels right here


LMAO, NO! Haz doesn't agree either

nee , het lukt gewoon nie krijg altijd dees

geen tickets 't lukt nie

is this also what you got ;o?!

Niall 'really likes someone' omg leave me here to die

shot it right in the eye, your my slut tonight. You keep making me weak, so suck it and don't speak.

What movie do I watch guisee ?!

my dog's looking at me like this waiting for me to move my lazy ass out of the couch to get his food