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Feeling all super extra snuggly awesome because I wore a hoodie to bed! #excellentlifechoices

How nice are the people at Victoria Secret? They made sure that I will never forget what colour my trackies are :P

Hey Woolies... might want to rethink your audience with this product :P #imanadult

I feel like I am eating this pineapple with a barbie hair brush...

Yep... too much sugar with ... #girlsnightout

Girls night with ! ... Because reasons... and too much sugar...

Check out the super cute shirt and Mr. J sent me! <3

Where does your home land sit in this order?

At the football for ' birthday...

Waiting for to start while mauls me! #getcaffinated #getexcited


Lookie! brought me pressies from America! :D
I think she knows me pretty well...

This is how horror movies began...

In an enclosed space... full of sugar... This can only end well...

At tonight! <3

I'm sorry, I put shorts on while I am cooking... Am I forgiven? :P

Nap time! *collapses* *snores* *dies*

It's been over an hour guys... Time to calm down... ANGRY EYEBROWS!

Apparently option number two won...

Filmed this weeks video in my pillow fort! #shutupthatswhy