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Oversoul Wikidot Moderator. Normal everyday girl, if I could talk. Likes writing. Loves it. Unfortunately never has time. Loves a certain Rin-Rin-boy. :3

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Java Class project. Use standard Blue/Red 3D glasses to view :D

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Rest in peace, ... I wish I could draw better >.<

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Doodle in Math class. Trying out some things after a few hours of studying AE's sketchbook.

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Forever immortalized for ‏ so she can look upon it all she wants. Rev can't delete this >:D

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In her memory, dedicated to . Sorry about the quality, my scanner broke and I had to use a camera.

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Just a little doodle of myself.

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Me crush Klunk :D

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Riniti is just so cuuuuute and kawaaaiiii~

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Riniti has hatched from his egg as a full-fledged Revontheus!

Dedicated to Riniti~

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Void Puppeteer: Dedicated to Riniti. Hope you like it, egg boy!

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Hope, The Valkyrie

Hope was a young girl who used to live in a quaint little village, living quite a normal life. Her parents were the town's healers, and from birth, the girl was schooled in the medical arts, both in healing and herbs. Then the portal was opened, and it just so happened that a legion of Nulgath's minions were dumped in the middle of her hometown. No one but her survived, Hope only managing to live because she was out in the forest collecting medical supplies. Upon finding her home destroyed, she fell to her knees, wept, and swore vengeance against the Dark Lord, somehow.

She now wanders alone, living on her training as a healer, and helping those devastated by the Dark Lord's antics in any way she can, whether through healing the unfortunate or utilizing her knowledge of botany to undermine Nulgath's forces. Her comforting presence in the aftermath of tragedy earned her the nickname The Valkyrie, after the handmaidens of Odin who guided the souls of slain warriors to Valhalla.

Element: Light
Player Controlled~I'll help in any way I can!
Enemy Controlled~It will all be over soon... It won't hurt one bit.
To a minion or subordinate of Nulgath~You don't deserve life, fiend.

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Melody, the musical demon Huntress.

Melody was cursed as a little girl by a demon who fell in love with her voice who then placed a curse upon her which if she ever stopped singing or playing her Violin for more than 24 hours, she would die. As she slays demons, the thoughts and consciousness of those demons she slain go into her head and the only way to escape the mental torture and stop her from going insane from the constant cries of the demons was to sing about their lives. So she travels the lands, always singing. She hopes one day that the curse will be lifted, but she never will know for sure...

Dedicated to Asuka

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Night, the Exile. He used to be a commander in an evil army, committing unspeakable acts, but eventually saw the error of his ways and now wanders in a self-imposed exile for repentance. He fights evil in any way he can with both the blade and his mastery of dark magic.

Element: Darkness
~Darkness is not always evil.
~The past is the past, it cannot be changed... but perhaps the future can.

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