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Columnist & interviewer on The Times, feminist, enemy of breast-stroke swimmers.

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Excited that my Gilbert & George i'view is part of an art work called The Pornography of Journalism

  • 2184 days ago via site
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Ducks off for their swim, alas in less attractive shopping trolley (has drawstring which stops them climbing out)

  • 2210 days ago via site
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Well, , here's with a magnificent cock. 16 months old & virile shagger. Yrs if you like.

  • 2237 days ago via site
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Shop sold out, so made advent calendar with matchboxes. You put sweets in the drawers. This is not like me at all

  • 2244 days ago via site
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Bless. The Sainsbury ducklings (now all growed up) in the snow.

  • 2245 days ago via site
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Am so proud of this bargain. £10 in Spittlefields. Bloke said had been his loft for 30 yrs. I am officially a Nan.

  • 2245 days ago via site
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Hey, your book is doing great business in Brick Lane.

  • 2254 days ago via site
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RE 1980s vibe. Girls, if you keep things long enough they comes back into style

  • 2259 days ago via site
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*rummages in drawer* My Royal Wedding Merch sorted!

  • 2259 days ago via site
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To cheer us up on cuts day, here's the Sainsbury ducklings swimming in the bath. *cleans bath*

  • 2286 days ago via site
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The Sainsbury ducklings are now bloody enormous! Doubled in size. What on earth will we do with them?

  • 2292 days ago via site
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I like this detail on heroic war memorial frieze. Guy in middle: they also serve who sit & smoke a fag.

  • 2295 days ago via site
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Sorry Americans but the Washington Memorial must have taken 10mins to design. It's just a cock made out of Lego.

  • 2295 days ago via site
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Sainsbury ducklings update: inter-species mixing fine. Ducks cuter, chicks livelier. Bought them new luxury digs.

  • 2302 days ago via site
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Sainsbury ducklings & 6-day-old chicks. Son1's bedroom overheated & smelly like petshop.

  • 2307 days ago via site
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Two of the Sainsbury ducklings now fluffing up nicely.

  • 2308 days ago via site
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Two of ducklings now fluffing up a bit.

  • 2308 days ago via site
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Now this IS weird. Duckling hatching from duck egg my son BOUGHT AT SAINSBURY! Names: Trolley? Taste The Difference?

  • 2308 days ago via site
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Son1, in weird Frankensteintastic experiment, has hatched chicks in an incubator. Stand by for cuteness.

  • 2310 days ago via site
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Sorry but this does look very Jedward.

  • 2447 days ago via site
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