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": Why are people saying chris browns gay? Lol" -->

Yea I'm Up Thinking About You . Im Infatuated

Old ass Zè Zè lol

Stop Eating People !

People Be Stealing 's Name Thoo -___-

#Lebron Earned His Ring ( #Miami #Heat )

#ThingsYouSeeWhileSkateboarding - A fxckin deer in broad axx daylight in someones front yard...

Slavewear lmao

#AdidasSlavewear .?

I wanna woman like this thoo

This Fxckin Bat I Found In My Backyard ... It was alive too -__- #NatureBoyTweet

#NowPlaying My Shxt

Lol Bitch Got the Nerve To Talk Shit In My Inbox... And She Said That Like Thats Normal When She Is Really 15 #SMFH

Ok how hard is that.??? and wouldn't that mean that you took the easy road lol.??? I don't need powerups

Lol ain't touchin me in ...

Lol my broo jackson knocked TF out ....

Tha snow

BigAss Jellyfish I Found On Tha Beach... That's A Piece Of Gum On The Corner Of It...

Me an my lil cuzzo :D

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