Life is fucked up, either get with the program or get rolled on. I speak the truth, but I have #Respect 9-20-13 - engaged to a fuckin' saint @lady_viital

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I was jus over there.. I got lost, I came over here cuz my homegirl jus had a baby this is her

I love her already

I am in love with this little girl. Her name is Saraiya

Only in Brooklyn... smh... Hittin Qnz to see this babygirl

Tell me how this broad had some leaning ass uggz

I'm here

This ride should be malfunctioned as a trick, it should strt jerkin like the mechanical bull and scare da shit out of a innocent kid.

who has sugar packets readily available ???

I'm fuckin tired

I'm da shit I need my own reality show

This lady was throwing dollas

I was taking pictures on the train yesterday

cuz i eat chicken wings like this

This is how u eat a chicken wing 101

Can't help but waitttt til the day

enjoy this one