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An big dragon themed sword.

  • about 14 hours ago via site
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Chaos weaver themed trident!

  • 23 days ago via site
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This weeks weapon i made and that you shall receive. Granted to hit even if you are moon-walking backwards blindly to your enemy.

That is just how lucky it is.

  • 36 days ago via site
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Hey Guys, here is what i made for you this week.
An Water elemental dagger for to wield at both of your hands. =o

  • 50 days ago via site
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Final form :)
Thank you for all you who gave me the wonderful feedback!

  • 64 days ago via site
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Further Changes to the Axe.

Shaded the bottom pommel and trying out an different blade (re-upload)

  • 64 days ago via site
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Changes! Now i just need to shade it and it looks already good to go.

Possible evil variant soon?

  • 64 days ago via site
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Da said axe!

  • 64 days ago via site
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Praise the Sun! --- sword.
Still looking at the moon one. But i added stuff to the sun sword, from last time.

  • 113 days ago via site
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Looks noob.

  • 127 days ago via site
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Duel bladed scythe is done c:
fixed some stuff.. too.

  • 142 days ago via site
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Looks strangely familiar.... hmmm

  • 143 days ago via site
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update on the weapon shading :)

  • 144 days ago via site
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Items in making :) Hope you like them as well as i do!

  • 144 days ago via site
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Show up the progress of the sword guys, what do you think?
Had an hard time coming with an nice blade idea, i still think i could shade it a bit better. Though i am seriously tired and i need to sleep. Cya in a few hours then.

  • 148 days ago via site
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doing stuff... c:

  • 148 days ago via site
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Long hair female variant of the " gas-mask" .
However, i still am not sure how can i make longer hairs, like that. (the hair is an upgraded version of this one

  • 283 days ago via site
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Leviasea Gasmask + Male haircut done . The Hair is CC.

  • 283 days ago via site
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Work in progress of an soon to come spear.

  • 284 days ago via site
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Omg an male version! What could this mean?!!111oneoneone

  • 284 days ago via site
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