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This one is for the art contest of ! I hope everyone gets as much proud as i do.

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Beyond the ultimate skull crusher

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new duel wielded weapons.. Should have been worked a bit more.. but i forgot what i was going to add. The idea came from that animation by on that alike tron place.

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improved the daikatana by .. flames are more natural.

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This weapon was flashed by me (veneeria) and design came from :

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New weapon made by me.. Goldenaire great sword.

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Lol 's armor updated again XD

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most likely last update to 's armor.. made by me.

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one of my oldest requests when i joined twitter.. asked me like over a year ago or more.. and i never had the power to do his request... until now.. This is dalganoth!

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Though i am done.. still thinking of a haircut or helm for you.

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i show you : Disaster scythe! (now with more contrast)

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This is most likely the last update of this weapon.. as you see.. i changed some of the shading in it.

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B/A- > same weapon.. but i have a animation suggestion on how it shots.. the energy bullets /laser ? yes it is a Gun.

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Ok some more guns!
A- > i called it the "mind gun", the idea was that both parts where is pointed to be energy.. to be energy .. and having some kind of guns that shots when you think to shot... it is kinda powered by how much strong you are "psychologically".
B-> Alien dragon skull for bounty hunter's hands.. to SMASH ..and keep SMASHING until they have been pulverized.

Upper weapon was for AQW.. not feeling like suggesting.. what do you think?

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Most recent guns made for Epicduel.. since there isn't any other game that this applies.
A- > Nuclear Cannon (energy)
B-> Kind of a gun which is powered by an ORGANIC "bobble" and other Chemicals!
C-> My favorite type of weapon... an UZI! called "experiment gun AA2". Physical/energy type

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Ok only "A" and "B" are suggestions:
A-> Chain saw sword ...
B-> Both physical and energy blade which i kinda messed the handle.. should be longer. Btw.. it is an heavy weapon

Both of these weapons are PRETTY recent.

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3 guns for epicduel.. the first one and the last one below .. are the same but.. one is physical and other energy. middle one is kinda of a idea of a sound gun.. that turned into "that".

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a -> an haircut idea for epicduel.
b-> Armor idea, which has got robotic hands .. The head is also an haircut idea xD
4-> Aqw weapon suggestion, spear.

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Epicduel suggestions. 1

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some items

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