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Yeah, this about sums it up.

Dont worry fellas, if you roll with us tonight you know it'll be #AllStuntEVERYTHING

Topless. In the club.

Fuck the price on the tag, just throw it in the bag.

We can't help but laugh at this picture... XS has no clue what we are about to do to their place...

When she gets on that motor bike... All you see is back on that motor bike. #Blessed #Zoom #FreeBoosie

Pete Rose signing autographs at a casino. #IsntThatIronic #Alanis #JaggedLittlePill

"In hindsight I'm glad I stayed in bed and didn't go out last night... I couldn't party on XS' level"-



ROLL CALL... ? Present.

Does like to party? You decide....

Does like to party? You decide....

Oh ya! concurs too!

We always believe that Cowboys cheerleaders from the 70's are the classiest ladies around.... concurs...


This sure as shit isn't DVR... We're about to get LIVE.

Would you expect any less at ?

Royalty. #PrinceFinkyPimpin

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