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Sir David Attenborough wannabe, utterly fascinated with biodiversity, palaeontology & conservation. A passionate advocate for Singapore's natural heritage.

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There's a Parathelphusa maculata as well, but it's hiding. #FWCrabSG http://twitpic.com/dzoi7p

There's a Parathelphusa maculata as well, but it's hiding. #FWCrabSG

Johora singaporensis #FWCrabSG http://twitpic.com/dzohx0

Johora singaporensis #FWCrabSG

Irmengardia johnsoni #FWCrabSG http://t.co/MU6YDlAsYd

Irmengardia johnsoni #FWCrabSG http://twitpic.com/dzohnp

Irmengardia johnsoni #FWCrabSG

Live specimens of various freshwater crab species on display for seminar attendees. #FWCrabSG

Panel Q&A, chaired by Professor Peter Ng, the 'Godfather' of Johora singaporensis.

Expected outcomes from the research #FWCrabSG

A 2 year project by NUS & NParks to study Johora singaporensis #FWCrabSG

Johora singaporensis is an example of how green areas outside nature reserves are also very important. #FWCrabSG

Inter-agency collaborations have also taken place. #FWCrabSG

Stream management in Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is also important. #FWCrabSG

An example of the hydrological characteristics surveyed #FWCrabSG

Stream Survey & Monitoring #FWCrabSG

Conservation of Johora singaporensis has to consider its ecology - as a specialist of hill streams #FWCrabSG

Dr. Lena Chan on current conservation management and policy regarding Johora singaporensis #FWCrabSG

Objectives: #FWCrabSG http://twitpic.com/dzo79q

Objectives: #FWCrabSG