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I'm so excited! I don't own a jersey BUT....I have 1 of these! LOL

Tim Horton's has my #CANUCKS donuts! 3 left peeps! YUM!

Tequila & lime! Love this one!! $100 buckaroos for local talent peeps!

Check out this awesome art work by ! Handcuffs suit me or what??? LMAO

My motivation to get bikini ready.....#Beautiful #Beaches

Today I tried to "Stop and smell the flowers" but I was too short so I took a photo instead. ♥

My sweet Samurai! #MMA #MasterGeeBlackbeltAcademy

Watching my little ninja kick some a** at MMA! Mama needs all the protection I can get! #MasterGees

"Show mama a crazy face....WOAH! Yup. That made me think you're nuts!" #Sillytimes

#cougarmama OH YES! Visiting sister in-laws new house....Lmao! #Noshamecoug

Just 1 of the bajillion reasons why I moved from the East Coast..... I ♥ U #Vancouver

" It's just another day for you and me in paradise." #Vancouver

#Vancouver is walkin' on sunshine today! ♥ #Mountains #Ocean #Beautiful

It's getting epic around here! Hahaha! I suck at this!

I made a blue and a green egg. I am brilliant! Anyone need me to decorate? Lmao!

She has such great taste! I need to steal it all! She just started to fill up her house!

Love it!! I want the sinks too! #Sisterinlawshouse

I'm just going to bring this bathroom home with me! #LoveLoveLove

Come join me in her cool tub! LMAO! #LoveLoveLove

I love these sinks too! FUN!! #Sisterinlawshouse