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Airline Pilot (757/767), Florida Panthers fan, author of VanMurph's View, Painter, and Husband to @VanMurph2 (Love the Miami Dolphins, and my Harleys)

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Pet Peeve #1286: clueless idiots who leave huge gaps at red lights while they text. Couldn't pull up 20 feet to type?

get to wear the crown tonight! #SeeWhatIDidThere?

And here it is! (I like the Kings, so no #SuckIt for LA. #SuckItWASHINGTON) #FirstPlaceCATS

It's EARLY! Workin' hard for the man before the rooster crows. #Boeing757

Tomas Fleishmann of the , or a young Robert Duvall? #clone #doppelganger

My Saturday is planned. Step 1: fly this #Boeing767 to ORD & back. Step 2: watch my play #Tampa tonight!

U may think I'm harsh, but when you deal w/this BULL CRAP every night in your own arena, you get mad. #SuckItJetsFans

Just like to say to the #Winnipeg fans in our building with their stupid little flags: #SuckIt #WeSeeRATS #WeSeeWINNERS

My Friday is planned. Step 1: fly this #Boeing767 to ORD & back. Step 2: watch my play #Winnipeg tonight!

Early morning departures are much easier to deal with after wins! #WeSeeRATS #WeSeeRed #FirstPlaceCats

When your team is fighting for first place on a Wednesday night and this is your crowd, there's a problem. #FlaPanthers

Today: Saturday January 28th 2012... Sports Section page 3C

Why does the NEVER feature a non-stupid photo of a player? Look at Campbell's face today:

, I know it's not your fault, but THIS is why fans get their hockey from 's paper:

What place are the in? THIS is a perfect example of why I canceled my subscription to the :

I'm thankful for fuzzy kittens and McDonald's Iced Tea! Good morning!

Descending into #Boston. 1/27/12 #Boeing757 #WorkingForTheMan #NoseMeetGrindstone

Leaving Vail early this morning. Heading to DFW then on to BOS. #Boeing757

My cab driver just pulled over so I could take this picture... #Vail #Colorado