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After a looong break of being sick of Flash and starting game companies that fail.. I am working again :P

  • 1037 days ago via site
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A chandelure background in tribute to pokemon Black and White ^,..,^

  • 1525 days ago via site
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The Laser Gungam Saber! Somethin futuristic with some tribal here and there.. Like it? ^,..,^

  • 1532 days ago via site
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A halloween creation I call, the Axe of the Holloween Reaper! What ya think? ^,..,^

  • 1549 days ago via site
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The Clockwork Rotor Blade! :D
Some might say I was gone, but I guess I am ready to get back to work! Weapons, avatars and many more will soon be up and running again! ^,..,^

  • 1550 days ago via site
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Maxy cosplayed as "Prince Zuko" from "Avatar: the last Airbender" :D
Soon F.A.C.T.S. in Belgium.. THIS IS GONNA BE GREAT XD

  • 1572 days ago via site
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Wip of my little lizard ^,..,^
What ya think? :p

  • 1601 days ago via site
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The Aztec Dual Blade! Another design for my soon to be released portfolio to get in the AQw team >:D

  • 1634 days ago via site
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Mayan Dragon Tooth! A blade I drew on work and think is really for doing a whole while of nothing xP

  • 1635 days ago via site
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Something I drew on work.. I'm actually really proud of it ^,..,^

  • 1635 days ago via site
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Me (left) and (right) at Atsusa Con 2012! ^,..,^

  • 1637 days ago via site
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Cosplay in progress! Zuko from Avatar: The last airbender ^^

  • 1667 days ago via site
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These where just some blades I made for the new upcoming RPG we are making.. I fell in love with these xD

  • 1681 days ago via site
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Just somethin i'm doin for school! This will be the constellation bull and lobster! Scorpion will soon be added to the list ^,..,^
Whatchathink? ;P

  • 1705 days ago via site
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The Forsaken Glory Blade! Hope u'll like it ^,..,^

  • 1750 days ago via site
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An idea I had for special weapons in our new game :D What ya think?

  • 1777 days ago via site
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The Wolverbane! So now we are workin on a mini survival game! We'll have it done in a few weeks and progress is made very well :D

  • 1779 days ago via site
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Flash assignment! Created these two to fight on BG :P Animation will be done SOON xP

  • 1780 days ago via site
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So proud of my first elemental cirkels for the game! Normal fire and lightning elementals :D WHat ya think?

  • 1782 days ago via site
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I think this will be a great weapon for Alpha weapon rare! Longer version will be an option and special will be amazing ;D

  • 1785 days ago via site
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