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18. Engineer in Mechatronics. . Anime&art freak. Guest Artist of EpicDuel.

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WIP of the metamorphosis concept. Feedback is appreciated

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WIP in some sort of metamorphosis

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Oh well, you did quote that /facepalm

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Con mi pana

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Final sketch for Fence Loghearth

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I will go with basic. I did two sketches: Sketch 1 represents a dress which is tight in the end and presents few folds but significant wrinkles over all the dress ; Sketch 2 represents a dress which has a longer "tail" and causes more folds but in little sizes. For the folds to look balance make sure to have a limit line where the dress will hit the floor and will not pass through to maintain such balance. Hope this helps :D

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Fence Loghearth! I gave it a mysterious look and will present one more concept to show hair and a possible background story on why his arms have weight bangles on him. Hope you like it!

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Character Concept # ??? No idea how many concepts I have done until now lol

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Did some mess with vectors in PS lol

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Name: Rhasgal Element: Chaos #Oversoul
Story: Following the example of Icarus, Rhasgal tried to reach the sun and failed, but while he faded away in the sky he wished for one more chance who was given by a certain entity who hear his pray. He grew real wings and flought towards the sun being able to reach it. He then realized he had a blood hunger and head towards the world in search of someone who satisfy his thirst.
Speech Quotes:
Enemy: Blood everywhere isn't enough for me
Controlled: I want blood, bloood, BLOOD!
Victory: Your arteries will be dried by me!

5 hit combo: Flies to the opponent and pierces its chest with his gauntlet.

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Name: Atlas Element: Shadow #Oversoul
Story: Not having memories, Atlas was an unknown entity, all that he knew was that he is alive. Not being able of finding the answers to his origin, he decided to take a material form with the mix of human and demon bodies.
Speech Quotes:
Victory: Misery has come to you and now it is everywhere...
Controlled: Being able of finding my origin is what I seek for..
Enemy: What I'm exactly?!
3 hit combo: Uses his long claw to slash the opponent.
5 hit combo: Smashes the opponent with his long arm to the ground.

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Name: Ambrosia Element:Light Rank: Master #Oversoul Story: Ambrosia is a noble lady who lived near the war where Dage and Nulgath fought. Being a lonely young woman, she was calm about the whole situation. She walked normally to a portal that was opened and she saw a town(Solace) and decided to go explore it. She found herself in a world of hundreds of creatures and she wanted knowledge about them. She started visiting the Solace Inn often to rest and to talk with people about the creatures who habit Oversoul.
Controlled: I salute you dear stranger, may I know what's your body made of?
Enemy: Hello, I will now take my chance to know more about you!
Victory: Now I have more knowledge from this world! Thank you!
Attack Combos:
3 Attack Combo: Uses her umbrella to stab him x3 in the chest.
5 hit combo: The curls in her dress attaches to the foe and squeezes it while she approaches and gives it a dealing blow.

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WIP of an OS character. Head must be ignored so now to proceed to hair and then to dress.

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Name: Blare(Pyre Witch) Rank: Legendary #Oversoul First of all, this is a concept suggestion for the Legendary Rank of Pyre Witch. Credits of base to the Arch Fiend Nulgath!
Closer look to the staff:
Background story: Blare has finally gain new powers and is able to control Ogres at will. She has wandered through the forest openings, bottomless pits defeating hundreds of monsters and not being able to find a rival for her amazing destructive power.
Speech quotes:
Enemy: "Another pest to erase from this rotten world"
Controlled: "Feel the mighty power of Fire"
Victory:"Let your soul become one with this world"
3 hit Combo: Enemy is hit by 3 fire beams that come from the ground.
5 hit Combo: Enemy is covered by flames and incinerated.(

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Name:Mecha Moose Element: Neutral Done by request of the king moose Story: Warping through space, Mecha Moose got itself drown into a rift and sealed away in a world where he could not approach all of his power. Using his adapting program, he became a fast hunter who destroy predators and preys for its own will.

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Name: Gate Keeper Rae Element: Shadow #Oversoul Story: Dying and becoming a lost soul in OS, Rae decided using his remaining hatred and become a gate keeper to OS, making not worthy souls banish.

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Master form of Demon girl concept
Name: Blud Nait Element: Chaos/Shadow Story: Blut grow as a princess due to being a descendant of pure demons but to jealousy against her, her family was attacked and destroyed. She got safe due to being sealed in a special armor container. She remains asleep until 100 years passed and she woke up. She had grown up physically and mentally, she could now use the armor in the container she slept in. She equipped and suddenly felt a power flowing over her, a mixture of dark and chaos power through her left hand which was capable of adopting a sword-like form. She then opens a chest near the armor container unveiling the blood sword that gave her an amazing dexterity. She was prepared; she would claim revenge and made her clan live once more. #Oversoul

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Name: Fluture Element: Earth Rank: Master
Story: The rise of the sun gave birth to many lives centuries ago, but supernatural beings were also created in the meantime. Kids used to run this forests but it became inhabited, it was no longer safe. A large cocoon lied over one of the rifts of time and space in the forest, and it suddenly opened. Metamorphosis has gone and created an astounding creature whose powers were underestimated by its foes whose lives now lie in hell. #Oversoul

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Name: Ralias(Elf) Rank: Veteran Element: Energy
Story: It was a dark night, a storm was coming and a young girl named Ralias was walking towards her home. Near the entrance, she slipped and she gaze through the sky, and a thunder hit her. She felt her body uneasy and stood up, suddenly a behemoth was passing behind her and she touched the animal, it died. What happened? Was the question she was asking herself. People nearby attended to the principal of the tribe and told him what they had seen. She was now a target to be hunt, and be used as a living energy source. Being so young, she wasn't capable of developing her thunder ability so she casts storms to get away and try to live freely in Oversoul, not knowing what awaits her.

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Birthday Cake<3 Special thanks to my aunt for making it!

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