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Made it with PP. Gundam Face FTW

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#Oversoul Raynare, Queen of Fallen Angels Legendary Form.
Link to Master Form This character is already competing in Final Selection but here's the Legendary Form for more teasing! :D

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An #Oversoul Contest Entry!
Unique collaboration:
Character idea and story:
Art Adaptation: _GabrielReyes__
Character: Grand Summoner
Name: Cyrano
Rank: Master
Element: Fire
Backstory: At the peak of creation, the world was in disarray. With no sense of order or dissonance, everything was merely nothing. So, the world tried to fix itself with the birth of a god. Going by the name of Chaos, he was fueled by discord and hatred, feasting on the emotions of fledglings and their actions. And so, the world was plunged into darkness and sorrow. Again, the world was in disarray. And yet again, it made another god. Harmony, who taught the fledglings the meaning of order. Likewise, she gained her power through order and the kindness of the fledglings. The two gods were evenly matched, and dealt out their powers in equal measures. Without one or the other, nothing would take their place. But together, it functioned. This is where Cyrano's journey begun.

Cyrano started off as a simple, young and outgoing mage and priest, appeasing to Chaos in whatever way he could. Many feared the god, blaming him for their strife and hardships. They turned to Harmony, hoping she would ease their pain. While there were many other gods, Chaos actually helped the world with keeping the balance. Too much order, and the world would not know the struggle of life. What good is it when you learn nothing, everything being a breeze? This is what Chaos strives for. Whether it was mere prayer or animal sacrifices, he was one of the few that praised the god for his actions.

Over the years, he was well regarded in ambiguous ways. In his own world, he became an Arch Mage and a Summoner, a revered magical art. His knowledge was unbound, and his wisdom unmatched. Chaos was quite the narcissist, and the Summoner was one of his greatest devotees. At this point, the mage was a grown man. His faith never wavered, and his words held steadfast, he even converted most of the world that Chaos was to be revered, not shunned. It became a renowned religion, possibly even greater than the one that praised Harmony.

Thus, Cyrano advanced into the elderly age. The Summoner advanced as the greatest preacher of Chaos, and even became known to be his prophet. Chaos wasn't one for meaningless whelps who threw themselves at him, but he could tell that Cyrano was special. His dedication was evident, and the god said that he could do better. He invited the Arch Mage to his own domain, seeking to make Cyrano his apprentice. He readily agreed.

Under his guidance, the Summoner became a strange sort of demi-god. He ceased to age, and is abilities continued to grow. At this point, Cyrano could summon some of the most fearsome creatures the world had to offered. Ranging from hydras to phoenixes, his power was unbound while he served the god. Many years continued to pass, and he learned how to keep balance in the world. By his side, Chaos became powerful and unruly. The centuries passed, and the world was the essence of perfection.

However, Chaos began to see little point in an apprentice. As of now, he was capable of keeping the balance without any help. There was little point for an apprentice, as skilled as they may be. The god's religion and reputation flourished, but what did it matter? Even Cyrano agreed. The Summoner's devotion never faded, but his will had. The mere pleasantries of life were preferable to hearing to the constant bashing of whelps and fledglings, trying his best to quell the tide of dissonance.

So the two came up with an agreement. Cyrano would go back to being a mortal, living out the rest of his days as an adventurer. They browsed the world, seeking out the one perfect for the Summoner. Nearly all of them were unremarkable; dull, boring, and filed to the brim with pathetic mortals struggling for power. But then, the duo stumbled upon one world outside of their own. Unchained, unbound, and not living by the rules set by the gods, it lived in its own dimension. The balance of harmony and discord was completely wrong; the perfect place for Cyrano to adventure in. So, he did.

Knowing that it would be a one-way trip, considering how it lived outside of the barriers of their own world, Cyrano said his farewells. His job as prophet and Arch Mage was done; it was time to start from scratch. Retaining only his wisdom, intellect, and power, he delved into the unknown world. The world of Oversoul.
3 hit combo: Hydras attack their foe charging a water pulse hitting x3 times
5 hit combo: Cyrano casts ferocious flames creating a fire whirl over his foe.

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An #Oversoul Entry for Character Suggestion Contest. Name: Raynare, Queen of Fallen Angels
Rank: Master Element: Energy/Dark
Short description: Her dress was made by feathers of the fallen ones in the Apocalyptical Experiment. Her wings constantly grow due to the dark matter being absorbed by her body. Her hair is capable of maintaining the world's balance of light and dark, noticing the different tones in her hair, she is able to determine changes in balance. She can cast lightning spells and different summon circles while not getting hesitated by her power getting drained.
3 hit combo: Summons a Void Incarnate to attack her foe with a dark orb.
5 hit combo: Shoots feathers against her foe.
Entry for Art Category of Raynare:
A blue bird glides through the sky, a soft breeze lifts the lost feathers during battle. Black and white feathers mix up in the sky creating a whirl that made her soul tremble. Many died in the battle were one fallen angel stand still, watching how everyone died in desperation of a better future.
Years passed since that battle was fought, people used to have few encounters between them due to the majority of the human population was dead.
‘’ The Apocalyptical Experiment’’, a forced war caused by fallen angels to take over heaven’s power. The result was unexpected, no God, no Devil, no angels, only 1 fallen angel to rule this world who used to be habited by such powerful entities.
People didn’t care about anyone anymore, children were free to play between themselves, be happy with the leftovers of resource that Earth had to offer them. People always love to think, I mean, who doesn´t? Thinking is part of our daily life, we think about the ones we care, love, or even hate. Sometimes we regret actions of the past, sometimes we remind the awful traumas or good memories we left behind.
If happiness had a color, which one would define it the best? The future is a paint in progress, everyone paints a difference scene in a huge blank page every day. While some love to paint vivid scenes, some paint dark and obscure ones, creating a balance of light and darkness, if that´s what we can call a balance in this world.
Do we have the power to change the world? One asked a teenager, laying down one of the streets. He didn´t care about dying, sky was all to him. Distant memories remind him of myths calling the men free on the sky, like if they were born in the vast sky with variant of colors. If we ever reach eternity, what would be our purpose? Would we really enjoy such? What impact would that have on us? It is really necessary to be immortal? – Why not? We can learn as much as we can, practice our passions, get to know more people, be an entity to others who are mortals, dust that will soon be dissolve with the wind. – Is not like we can ever become immortals? – Who knows, maybe I can make that possible. Come with me, I’ll show you the dark memories of this worlds and how it can toss up the luck on us.
Feathers fall to the floor, and now Raynare had someone to talk with. One day he got sick, Raynare tried to make him immortal but he refused such privileges.- I believe my memories with you are precious, please don’t make look valueless. Please take care my first and only girl.
His soul was intended to fall on Death’s hands but it got lost in the way to it. Raynare sensed that his soul didn’t disappear and that he was still alive in spirit. When looking for his soul, she found a gate, a gate which would open new battles and scars, but that wouldn’t make her stop, that finding Azazel was worth, because he would become leader of the fallen angels when he became immortal.
To be continued…

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Green hair :3 Her stare is quite sick I know :c

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Tyrese Ravlyan version 3

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Tyrese Ravlyan version 2

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Tyrese Ravlyan, character for my current project.

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Random Sketch

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Character Concept #3

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Character Concept #2

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Character Concept

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Sketch #4 Date: 21/07/13

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Sketch #3 Date: 21/07/13 Sponsored by HP lol

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Sketch #2 Date: 21/07/13 Sponsored by HP

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Sketch #1 Date: 21/07/13

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Female Knight Concept

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Colored Character Concept. Trying out a new coloring style, feedback's appreciated

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Monster/Villain: Master Barbarian Bag Guys and Good Battle entry for OS game. IGN: DeathGuard

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Final Version of the entry for the contest "Bad Guys and Good Battles" for the DF monster/villain category. Monster/Villain: En from Orb Saga. Name of the character in-game: Dragonslayer Character page:

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