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18. Engineer in Mechatronics. . Anime&art freak. Guest Artist of EpicDuel.

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Equipped with 4 turrets, 2 in each side, this technological fort is strong to surpass even for the strongest adventuress!
Username: Cyberbakio Ryugan

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This is a character I made specially for . I took certain elements for the inspiration of this characters, some of those being the favorite colors of Skurge, and other elements that helped me developed this character step by step. Anyway hope you like it Skurge ^^

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fast sketch, but a wip(messed up a part of the hair btw)

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My entry for your contest #AdventureQuestContest For a 2014 full of pokemon!

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Thoughts on this WIP? :D

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#Oversoul Character Suggestion
Name: Steampunk Dragon
Element: Light and Neutral
Enemy: I shall covered all darkness with my wings!
Controlled: Steampunk isn't something so simple so that a mongrel like you can understand it!
Victory: Machines are the rulers of the new era!
Special thanks to for the character idea!

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what chu think ;D

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Merry Christmas everyone! This is a general gift to every single follower of mine. Enjoy this day at its fullest!

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I always have thought humanity slowly starts to use machines more and more, and make myself think that we're becoming machines and forgetting we actually have a human side. Hope you enjoy the reason why I drew you something like this.

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Name: Black Santa
Element: Fire/Neutral
Rank: Master
Enemy:"Only true men take microwaves to a sword battle."
x1 200 attack card
x4 500 attack cards
x2 Iron Hides
x1 Neutralize
x1 Fireball
x1 Meteorite
x2 500 Defense Cards.
x2 Fire Whirls
x1 Sacrifice
This character is dedicated to , and credits to her for the inspiration of the character and quotes!

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Name: Cyrano the Grand Summoner
Element: Fire and Neutral
Rank: Legendary
Remake of
Enemy:Hatred is a temporary fledgling emotion, just as your existence.
Controlled: You're appealing to Chaos, shall I start to mold you at its please?
x1 200 attack card
x4 500 attack cards
x2 Iron Hides
x1 Neutralize
x1 Fireball
x1 Meteorite
x2 500 Defense Cards.
x2 Fire Whirls
x1 Sacrifice

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Oversoul Character Suggestion
Name: Naria Element: Neutral Rank: Legendary
Remake of
Controlled: We should betray ourselves and destroy our foes. Let us begin!
Enemy: I'm looking for the one they called the "Archfiend", so shall I crush your soul here and now!
x1 200 attack card
x3 500 attack cards
x2 300 defense cards
x2 Counterattacks
x2 Iron Hides
x1 Neutralize
x1 Corruption
x3 Power Strikes
3 hit combo: Pierces the foe x3
5 Hit combo: Jumps and slashes the foe while accelerating her speed and hitting again its opponent.

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Practice Character Concept.

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Name: Lancer Element: Earth #Oversoul
Enemy: You're betraying yourself, submit to the might of despair!
Controlled: I have wandered through the sadness of this world, hold no grudge against me!
x2 200 attack cards
x4 500 attack cads
x2 500 defense cards
x2 Stone Walls
1 Mountain Strike
1 Earthquake
1 Crush
1 Tree of life
1 Petrify
3 Hit Combo: Pierces its enemy x3 with its lance
5 hit combo: Jumps and charges from above against his opponent striking him x5 times.
IGN: DeathGuard

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Mecha Pilot Cabinet. I'm just surprised by how this progressed, and finalized. I'm pretty happy I could make this turn out good.

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Drawing of Akihito Kanbara from Kyoukai no Kanata(Beyond the Boundary). I love when he transformed to his youmu half, it was amazing.

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Galilei Donna Fan Art: Hazuki, Kazuki and Hozuki :3

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Fan art of 's NPC. Because why not use some scythe to deal with your foes? I think would know about reaping your enemies :o

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"The birds who have forgotten how to fly, are crying in grief, so hear their voice... "~Tokyo Ravens
Fan Art of 's OC. Enjoyed drawing this character while changing a major part of it, I felt like it had be cool to see it from a different perspective.
Credits of original character belong to solely and not me.
Every feedback is appreciated.

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Knight Concept. Pretty much satisfied with this.

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