Gabriel R


18. Engineer in Mechatronics. . Anime&art freak. Guest Artist of EpicDuel.

Photos and Videos by @ValhasDrew

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Knight's Dawn and Knight's Twilight!

  • 867 days ago via site
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This week's #EpicDoodle is a flying ship! Yay for artillery O3O

  • 868 days ago via site
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Cyber Razor Armor

  • 871 days ago via site
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Some armor WIP #EDArt

  • 886 days ago via site
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Red Devastator Auxiliary

  • 896 days ago via site
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Earth Day Set coming this Friday to EpicDuel! #EDArt

  • 905 days ago via site
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Character Concept for a personal project. Every feedback is appreciated O3O

  • 918 days ago via site
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Fluture. Original Concept: Will proceed to shade the lineart soon.

  • 920 days ago via site
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Beam Auxiliary. My first try at shading with Flash. Every feedback is appreciated!

  • 928 days ago via site
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Bike Sketch #EDart

  • 935 days ago via site
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New art for Cyrano Blodgharm
Collaboration with
IGN: Redingard
IGN: DeathGuard
Rank: Master/Legendary
Element: Water and Energy

  • 944 days ago via site
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#Oversoul Oversoul Water Character Suggestion
Name: Axis Mistique
Rank: Master
Story: Blessed by Poseidon, Axis grew up as a human but with sealed powers. One day, Poseidon started to die, and send Axis on a mission to recover a certain soul to save him. He parted to the UnderWorld and following the guide Poseidon gave him, he reached a portal which was long not used, so when he entered the Oversoul, his hidden powers awakened and gave him magic powers. His wings, symbol of fate and happiness, and his magic element, water being the essence of his soul, defined him as a being we could call Mistique.
IGN: DeathGuard

  • 946 days ago via site
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Backgroud Suggestion for ED. IGN: Hatred Cuirass Any feedback is appreciated! ^^

  • 951 days ago via site
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Told you guys my valentine was art. I wasn't lying hehehehe

  • 958 days ago via site
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Practice Sketch. Mezhuil, part of the Fluture community but a wanderer on the aspect of unity.

  • 961 days ago via site
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Concept Sketch of Fluture. Developing sketches for this new species I'm creating for a personal project.

  • 963 days ago via site
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Practice Sketch of Fluture, will be developing several sketches of his forms.

  • 964 days ago via site
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Practice Sketch. Butterflies♥

  • 970 days ago via site
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Suggestion Weapon for ED. IGN: Hatred Cuirass

  • 972 days ago via site
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Fanservice of #Relcake

  • 977 days ago via site
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