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God is the songwriter.....i'm just the pen-- http://t.co/ah1Bab6Arb New single #WorshipYou https://t.co/wt2WS1xYuw ON ITUNES RIGHT NOW!!!

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People that complain about people who always run when they sing are sitting there like #BETSundayBest JOE KILLED IT!

it still won’t allow my second chemistry & my team is an 86

is anyone else having this issue with the second chemistry??? Why is it invalid?

Wendy’s jemele?!?! Over chick-fil-a??? #nahson

On my way to pick up #madden15 #MUT15 #MUT

. and this is why i didn’t want Brock to win #raw

you must’ve sent that from your ps4

sure you can!

man we gonna stink this year

but why the fizzle isn’t following me??!?!

my phone is full of foolishness

I’m on my way

dentyne ice, is that cool???

what kind of gum????

Yup!! now chill!!! RT : George tried to come for me with that Boosie jab. He tried it.

tell your boy I don’t argue via twitter, I at’d him by accident I can’t take the twitter thugs

does 1000 club victories deserve a retweet????

her & this baby bless me everyday!!!

Ummmm #BETSundayBest