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Aqw Player, Jaded, Otaku, Ninja, Sleeper, Daydreamer, & the quiet Loner. Calligraphy is what brings life idea's to create inspiration like art☆ Who am I?

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3 Messed-up string guitar Scythe: So this is what happens when the strings are messed up *swings it* awesome!

3-String blade guitar: Because 5 strings are too overrated, bad taste of music? No worries this doesn't even break

Blood Claymore of Legend: It appears the "Z" on the blade stands for - Happy B-Day! ~ Fhone the Wanderer

Claymore of Necessity: The grasp of this blade will make you insane, to get rid of this true beauty or cherish it?

Susano'o Scythe: It takes great manifestation to control this will-power scythe!

Dark Leech Ripper: I got 99 problems apparently this sword shred & leech upon anything till it's infected.

Grave Ripper: A slice of this scythe not only leaves you a wound but part of your soul will be sent to your grave.

extravagant Lance: It's a birthday gift! The odd part is, must've time travel half a month late..

Incognito's sword: Says here in the remain anonymous, not sure it's the maker or wielder..

Staff of Dark Rave: You possess an essence of darkness within you, the more hatred you hold, then it may change...

Dark Lore's Blade: Some say Dark Lore's is a myth, some believe he's an entity of one's shadow. Surprised yet?..

Corrupted Winged Scythe: The corruption leeched onto this wing! Tis' extraordinary if I do say so, myself?..

Glowin' Skull Cane that's a light saber & also a top skull hat w/ glowin' glasses..

Glowin' Skull Cane that's a light saber & also a top skull hat w/ glowin' glasses..

Lesser Fright Malice; Is this lost form of Fright malice?! Or simply a replica that holds the same aura?..

Double-Edge Bringer

Arm-Edge; An exquisite arm blade, that is to those capable of handling it well, unless you're an assassin or thief

Edge Bringer; A nifty looking dagger, we got here, eh? Heard this blade has 2 more forms though..

Malicious Reaper Scythe; You've been granted to bring spiteful destruction to those that are unkind & cruel.

Gaia's Retribution (Sword Vers.)

Panda Egg in NY