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Jayce's Pops .......FAMU & FSU, we byke! #SteelerNation #TeamHeat

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Laker fans....Your welcome lol

": New season of Single Ladies May 28th. Can't fucking wait...."

": Zach Randolph look like Eddie Winslow from family matters

": we're no longer friends until football season...."

Smh ": ....Derrick Rose look kinda suspicious"

Hit dog? ": U stop

Cup #2 ......

U mad bro?

Dis nicca mad lol

Nooooo *FLAG on da play! ": Watching 24/7 and Cotto sleeps in a bed with his homeboy?"

": Him down stairs RIP BERNIE MAC"

": This lil girl, with her mom at the Dr, and she says, mom I wanna be the dancer that gets on poles.."

Corey Holcomb talkin bout they was burnin a chiltling inscent #LogsOff

This cat here smh

I'm still lmao about ur boi talkin about bald steve a faggot lmaoooo

Stir it like coffee....stirrr like muthafuckin coffee
Lmaooo R.I.P. #BernieMac

I think I still taste patron.....

": u didnt pick'on man"

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