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Guess who? Aaahahahahahahaha!

Guess who? Ahahahahahahahaha!

Guess who? Ahahahahahaaha!

More Retro Madness!! urf MONTY!! Tumne kabhi kisi se pyaar kiya??

More retro madness!! urf MONTY!!! Tumne kabhi kisi se pyaar kiya???

The legendary couple, Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh, join us on Srgmp today! Full retro madness.

Got here on Ben Thomas's Kawasaki Vulcan in 20 min. flat. Why've I been trapped in cars for 10 yrs?

The teaser-poster for Farah Khan's "Tees Maar Khan". Tell me what y'all think!!

Talking ad in the morning paper. Wouldn't stop. I snapped it in two. It stopped. :)

Practice makes perfect?

Backstage at Srgmp with Ranbir and the superhot (and off her phone, for a change) .

Ranbir, Sid and I, en route to the Srgmp shoot-floor!! Anjaana Anjaani in the HOUSE!!!! :)

Borrowed 's neck ornament for our AA performance, now Paaji wants it back! Hahahaha!

Set 3, Surya-namashkaar style. shot this on the 1st one. 29 later, sweat and tears!

Set number 2, feet on a chair, and I'm in pain. How y'all doing so far?

Set number 1, 30 done. Phew! Anyone joined in? Send pics, and I will "reply you".

Met at the airport. Wouldn't get off her phone, so the three of us posed together.

Bond meets John Jaani Janardhan at the end-credits shoot for TeesMaarKhan! Bahut tux-leef mein hoon!

Live and direct, the legendary AR Rahman performs the title trk of Jhootha Hi Sahi. AWESOME!!!

Finally met AR Rahman! He is one of my greatest inspirations!

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