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My new work coffee mug is very 'me', also great for postal workers. However suffering endless "expresso shot" jokes.

This application installation brought to you by the Space Core. #Portal2

We moved onto Bo'ness Motor Museum. It was a quirky, almost personal, collection of Bond stuff and 60's nostalgia.

Day ten and leaving ScotiaCon we headed to Braemar for a "dream drive" on the A93. It didn't disappoint!

The spirit safe where they control the flow process. I avoided licking the windows.

They're on a production break, so we could take pictures in the explosive areas. Here's a wash and a spirit still.

Day... Eight? ScotiaCon continues, so we went to The Dalmore Distillery instead. Much whisky was purchased. :9

We stopped off at Urquhart Castle on the way, where I took in the sights and butchered the Gaelic pronunciation.

Day Seven. More driving, this time around the shores of Loch Ness on the way to Inverness.

Another Bond film location, you can guess who suggested visiting. Staying in a room called "Pine Martin" was mine. :P

Today's jaunt was over the highlands to Skye and Eilean Donan Castle, home of the MacRae.

Day five, and the great views on waking up never seem to end. Scotland's beauty is breathtaking.

Most of the day was spent driving around some of the most epic scenery I've ever seen. :O

Day four, and we leave our cottage at Ardbeg. In related news, I'm sober again.

Day four, and we leave our cottage at Ardbeg. In related news, I'm sober again.

Sadly we leave tomorrow, but at least we take with us plenty of supplies. :9

The people of Islay are so friendly, they even wave to Porsche drivers. Not even other Porsche drivers do that. :P

Day three, and I have been drinking whisky since before noon. Six types from three different distilleries.

Staying at the Ardbeg distillery. This place is obscenely nice, and comes with all the whisky we can drink. :9

Now in Islay for a couple of days. The ferry was surprisingly nice, much better finished than the channel ferries.