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I suffer from foot-in-mouth syndrome and I'm currently undergoing electro-therapy to try and cure it. However, the results are somewhat dubious. Also a Fool!

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My new phone has just arrived. But I really can't be arsed to set it up.

Is this reporter on the news wearing a French Maids outfit?

Hopefully in a couple of hours these will be saving me a fortune.

Nah, it'll never catch on.

Its not raining. I'm in the pub beer garden. Life is ok.

As opposed to what?,?


Aww. Seclusion is nice too though :)

Yes. I'm in charge of the bbq. Its better over cooked than under. Right?

Mmmm. Cheese and ham toasty.

My alternative to #bgt Well, that and a nice cuppa.

See. No rain yet.

Mmmmm. Nosebag time.


OH seems to be a bit grumpy that I had to push her seat ALL the way forward. Good job she does yoga

I love history/archaeology tv programmes. So educational.

Lunch. Someone obviously does love me....

And another delivery. It must be some party. *checks under mat for invite*

Just taken delivery of this for the vicar next door. Don't know what sort of shindig he's planning.

For those of you that just don't know where to get your pick'n'mix from anymore....