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Gamer that plays mostly FPSs. Member at http://t.co/eo4ZpLDWKo, http://t.co/QZeOA2kOLc, and http://t.co/tbgaVYAmBk

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OMG! I got 500 thousand dollars! :O


Well, this is a cool view...

First one to get what game show is wins a prize. (may or may not be imaginary...) lol

Way to go class, way to go.

Oh yeahhhhh

Yay! It's finally cooling off! Thank you!

Family Guy!

This will work. Lol

hate you guys. :P

Let's do this at work! Why not!

Pop Quiz. What movie(s) was this building used for?

Thank you coworker! :P

Thanks Louis Wu! :D

Thanks Louis Wu! :D

How to watch #KanyeWest and do homework at the same time. :D

Slightly overshot. I'll take it!

Hehe. Yeahhhhh....

Oh man this is gonna be fun!

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