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Is it just me who thinks The Situation is a regenerated Pauly Shore? #cbb

Today was the last edition of The Dandy Comic!! :-( I am not sure I liked how they wrapped things up...

#Assange uses brilliant subterfuge to make a break for it.... #equadorembassy

I bit of confusion here as Police again mistake a South American for a suspect! #EcuadorEmbassy #Assange

Stood outside the Ecuador Embassy! Police are out in force, but atmosphere friendly!

Everyone was very mean about Cheryl but I thought she looked lovely #cbb #CelebBB

Mitt Romney's family misspells their own name in what might be the most apt Freudian slip in history (via )

Thatcher dead! Country plans burial.

this is what I imagine you're thinking....

I think Dagenham have gone a bit far with their #ClosingCeremony Olympic flame tribute!

Spoiler Alert: exclusive photo!! RT : US Election: Mitt Romney to announce his running mate.

I wish would get off Grindr for a minute! #grouchos

Ex-Big Brother cunt has been sending these tweets to Gary Barlow..... #scum

also was fired as the Editor of The Mirror newspaper in the UK for faking this story!

Cockless Four #Torylympics

Cameron calls London "the 'most diverse city in world"! Presumably he sees this as a bad thing...?

a tender moment...

. a tender moment...

I think this says it all about #PeopleIWouldSexuallyDestroy (especially for those of you using echofon)

Lindsay Lohan & Charlie Sheen in new Scary Movie? When I heard they were in a film together, thought it must be this...