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I type 0.5WPM with a cattle-prod and film with a toaster. That's how I roll.

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I have hope for the future. #curiosity #jpl #nasa

Attention owners of devices running ICS 4.0.1. This is a PSA.

Like staring into the face of evil itself.


Pic related.

Today's haul. All for under twenty bucks.

Wow. So much wrong in just one sentence.

Good... Good...

Well. I'm set for the night.

The only thing that could add to this guy's excitement would be getting accepted at LaTrobe.

You should probably borrow this once I'm done with it.

I truly think this is your most attractive form:

The bots almost get away with it until they retweet themselves.

Jupiter watching over us, lo AND BEHOLD.

This is why I love the internet. A comment thread on the new Neo Geo console.

The finished product. Bring on the Super Star Destroyer!! >:D #lego #starwars

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