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#PAXEast now has 100 more mohawks than it did yesterday thanks to these hard working ladies.


Lanyard Man is here to rescue all of #PAXEast from untethered badges and unadorned necks. Marvel at his MIGHTINESS!

Competition getting fierce in Ghost Recon Future Soldier Guerrilla Mode. #PAXEast

Booth security is pretty tight this year.

I wouldn't mess with us if I were you.

Far Cry 3 dedication. #PAXEast

Our PR department goes harder than yours. #PAXEast

Tattoos yesterday. Mohawks today.

We are CHANGING LIVES at the Far Cry 3 booth. #PAXEast

Fear the tomahawk. Mostly fear and her tomahawk. #AC3PAX

FACT: 's hat > any hat you've ever worn in your whole entire life ever. #AC3PAX

Suze from tattooing a fan at #PAXEast

Come watch her work at the Far Cry 3 booth.

This is what I call a WAR FACE!

Pre-Order Ghost Recon Future soldier at PAX East and score a sweet bandana.

Our booth has a cannon. #AC3PAX #PAXEast

This guy is ready for PAX East...

Are you?

Packing and prepping for an EARLY morning flight to #PAXEast tomorrow.

What am I forgetting?

Don't forget to fix up your #XBL dashboard with this rockin' #AC3 theme. http://marketplace.xbox.com/en-US/Product/Assassins-Creed-3-Reveal-Theme/a20ce776-cef7-414f-9d25-494a6175c161 It looks like THIS:

Sorry, I go by the order they hit in my feed. You must have been NANOSECONDS late.

WINNER! : buffalo wings

Sorry gang. There might not be a lot of tweets today. I have some… Uh… Important work research to handle. #lovemyjob

. No Ghost shirts, but pre-order GRFS at Gamestop and score a sweet badass bandana! #deftplug #CRAZYEYES

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