Mike Hussein-Holder


Teaching Assistant at UTEP, amateur political commentator, and humorist.

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To his defense, he just watched #dogsagainstromney

#Romney 2012 "subtle" message

Jan Brewer: the Baghdad Bob of the US or supporting actress from Something About Mary?

To those contemplating voting for GOP and Bush economics.

First a fist pump. Now a gang sign to a future cholo? When will this President ever respect the country #fauxnews


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Responses on Facebook about Holder and PBO

Yes Romney is in front of a sign named SCAM MAN...now THATS worth a thousand words! RETWEET

My former dogs who have probably been told I'm dead.

No shit genius...I know I'm a "stupid man" cuz I get told that often...I just hope I'm not fuckin retarded.

If rich ppl know how to make others rich, shouldn't 50% be millionaires?

I know, using "their words" is unfair. My bad.

That's how you line up the grill marks with a flank steak, word

STAND YOUR GROUND ROMNEY...war on women isn't a slogan, its a lifestyle.

Union thugs...

Too old for lifting weights. Time to give yoga a shot

In a perfect blue building...

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