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"We will not leave until Chancellor Ward cuts the contracts!" #CutPalermosNow

Students sitting-in for justice for Palermos workers! #CutPalermosNow

No justice! No pizza! #CutPalermosNow

Thank you for your advocacy and support today! #1tday #dontdoublemyrate

policy Direcor Rory speaks in favor of keeping college affordable

speaks in support of not doubling student rates cc: Anne Johnson Director

Anthony Miller, Student President-Elect thanks the congress members for their work! "We must keep pell grand too"

was a student activist and leader, "We need your leadership" #1tday

USSA VP Sophia Zaman speaks in support of HR 1330. We have a quarter of a million signatures

"We can not go backwards"! "We need to help people after they leave college"

are defending students #dontdoublemyrate #1tday

#1tday #dontdoublemyrate we are out here sharing stories!

We are starting in 10minutes

S/O President Wade Henderson of for being at today's Senate Hearing on Immigration Reform. #timeisnow

Hundreds of students and supporters are in the hallway in solidarity. #timeisnow #CIR

"These victories have come because of the organizing and advocacy and fight"

We are calling on the President to stop braking families apart #timeisnow

Ray from Maryland Dream cmte shares his story of the harsh reality of finding out he is undocumented.

#Timeisnow we all have big dreams and big goals. We want to Congress to act now

Students sharing their experiences as dreamers. Everyone should be able to attend college and afford it!

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