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I'm an affable, tattooed/pierced, sardonic, fashionable, opinionated, dependable, pithy, geek who loves to shake his ass! My tweets reflect my opinions only.

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This pic of is everything! Every reason I watch on captured here!

Grumpy Cat has been replaced in my eyes...officially!

Everything! #DragRace

Love this!

If only this Donkey Kong: Doctor Who was a real thing! #DoctorWho

Been away from the apt for 4 days & everything is covered in dust! Time for Irona, the robot cleaning maid, mode!

Me too sister!

RT : #Truth! :: #withoutadoubt

RT : Body queen :: <clutching my pearls> A fanny pack?

I'm late with this one but expect to hear it from me on the regular henceforth!

Is it odd that I find Seth MacFarlane kind of attractive??

Took this as swallowed that mic WHOLE during her performance of "Boy is a Bottom"!

RT : (Adorable) US soccer player comes out, "steps away" from the sport http://j.mp/UvEmD3

I present my recommendation for the next Pope! Canna getta Amen! #DragRace

Mama June having a panic attack over mayonnaise & at the bottom of the screen we have the subtitles of said attack!

Apparently Madonna has joined Instagram & posted a few pics. This selfie, her first pic, gives me the heebie jeebies!

RT : Saw this and read "SNORTING AREA" HA!!!! :: Had to look twice myself!!

Showing some love for #DragRace

Brace yourselves... #Nemo #stormnemo

When do doves cry? This explains it all!