┌П┐‎​(⌣د̲⌣)┌П┐ I used to care BUT now you can just eat a dick!!

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Last night...

4 pages of such things!!!

My new best friend! I can't help it... I loooove sneakers!

Alcohol, friends, cards music and this!! Hahahaha I can't!

Ladies night in....butty, juju and me,

Butty's welcome note at the door....

Maaan, I missed these!! Need to go through my shoe boxes more often!

Malaysian English :''D

Who remembers these? Primary-Senior days...I remember memorizing the numbers on my pens..B-H-23 lmao

This is what twitter has done to my friends!! 3 of us tweeting in bed! Smh!

Zibanani has a new nigerian movie out lmao

What's with labeling women so early in the morning O.o my TL is seeing things!

:''''''D I can't cc I'm sorry but I had to hahahaaha lmao

Laundry hung on a car! The tee is actually pegged to the wipers!! Asia!


Snack as we bond with a movie!

Natural :-)

MEN of the house! My big brothers...

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