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I love baseball & I will live-tweet most Ranger games. Also I'm not even gonna pretend I'm not obsessed w some MLB catchers & Mike Napoli.

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#12days before Opening Day!! #napfanforlife

Just because.

Chills. So well-deserved. #retiring9

The hockey player's view tonight. #retiring9

Okay, fine. Have fun, guys. Sniff.

happy birthday to him!! And full clown? Yeeeesh...


Quick!! Guess the part of this I love the most!!! #OTC #swoon

Sorry. I have too many goofy pix of this dumbazz to resist.

is there a pic of that leaping catch by Nap? I need a new lock screen pic... #napfanforlife


Have we talked about Spring Training? Because we should really talk about Spring Training... #napfanforlife

Funny at first then I got slightly terrified... He wouldn't let go!!! #zombies

Shaking my fist at Texas weather while dreaming of Opening Day... #baseballfanproblemz #crafty

Superfrog is a bit chilled this morning.

Missing action for a bit because I had to make an emergency cake run.

Office decor. First game 2 weeks away. #baseball #goFroggies #big12


I mean, seriously! Can it be Opening Day already?