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Signs it might be an interesting election... #StribPol

Signs it might be an interesting election... #StribPol

I meant "thank you for your service" as in making Veterans' lives better. recent pic, Mpls Vets Home:

Ruh roh... The Good Senator has friends on AFB's too??!? The ol' TwoPutter might be in deep doo doo...

Then, the Doc tells me my insurance won't cover my Ebola Anxiety Medication - I hate ObamaCare...

So I go to the clinic and this sign is plastered on walls all over the place.

Say, ? There are signs all over the place - just gotta know what to look for!

Life is golden! #GoGophers!

When a campaign can't count on surrogates & has to do the hit ad themselves you know they're in trouble.

2/2 ...isn't it about time announced locations of his "house parties"? #MnLeg #StribPol

This is what I'm talkin' 'bout!!!

Do I, ummm... need, like a
Visa or something to be here?

You want cute? I got yer #CuteFriday! Using this one 'cause I didn't #TeeItUp today....

And it's a beautiful day at Midland Hills CC - wish I were playing! #TeeItUp

Too funny! You complain about Dayton scandals to promote ??!? #tcnt

A simple question apparently doesn't want to answer: was the guy at SD48 debate one if his? #MnLeg

Say, ? Was the guy acting classy at the SD48 debate tonight one of yours? #MnLeg

Some trackers think rules don't apply to them...

Dude - it's hot on this side

And the #TeddyEra is officially underway - 1st play, here: