Three Black&Silver Miniature Schnauzers, a typist & her hubby. Intrigued by nature and animal behavior. #TheAviators

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Hi friend!look what she got you?you have fun with the soccer!!!

keeping our fingers n paws crossed for you Daisy!!!You be better soon,love!! #pawcircle

Don't know what 2 say!!!Sending you all our love and positivity!!!xxx

Don't know what to say!This tension is HARD!!!Andif it ain't what could it be then?Sending love&positivity!!!

oh my goodness!We're extremely sorry for your loss.Wishing you strenght&sending love#PawCircle

Brrrr,that's sad indeed!!:((Wish we could something other then sending good thoughts!+ give a big hug ofcourse

#TheAviators coffee?and just let me know when you like 2 go,ok?

coffee,pal?you are so's something,right?

Hello Patrick,how are you?would you like some... #TheAviators #oreosporch

here,would you like some? #TheAviators

#TheAviators it's a beautiful night.

Time for one more... #TheAviators this good?I don't want you to go thru all that trouble, love!!

Com on y'all;let's get crazy!Let's have the (we hope)very 1st #anipallympics (or maybe #APLmpcs ?)Who's with us?

#MascotDoodles this 1 good? Happy #AnipalLympics / #APLmpcs !!!

Let's go everyone;let's go and have the very first #Anipallympics on twitter(we guess,hope)!(Or:How does#aplmpcs sound?)

hang in there!!

how sweet of u 2 tweet us,while u're in handling your awful loss!u're in r thoughts!wish w could do more!

Dank jullie wel voor wat jullie voor ons hebben gedan!!!Thank you all for what you did for us!!! #Dodenherdenking #4Mei

GOOD LUCK TOMORROW!!!we'll keep paws n fingers crossed!#pawcircle for you sweety!!xxx