Three Black&Silver Miniature Schnauzers, a typist & her hubby. Intrigued by nature and animal behavior. #TheAviators

Photos and Videos by @Twitelien

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#theaviators maybe twice but to be sure !congrats!

#theaviators you're up!Congrats!!

#theaviators Oh ...are you there??:))Congrats!!

#theaviators and... !!this 1 is for you!! Congrats!!

#theaviators are you reeady to receive you license???congrats!

#theaviators doesn't she look good? !congrats!

#theaviators A true pal we all know..let's here it for !congrats!hugs!

#theaviators a happy couple: & CONGRATS!!

#theaviators please ladies and gentlemen,make some space for !!congrats!!

#theaviators dear pal / Billy!!get up here and get your license!!

#theaviators /Badger this one is for you!

#theaviators the next official Aviator License goes to !

#theaviators next:someone who doesn't need further introduction !!

#theaviators the first aviator license goes to !!congrats!!

#TheAviators Pals:The workshop 'll be soon again!So wear your goggles& keep track of &

#theaviators :(( there ll be another one a little later!!!maybe you can go then??

Last call!All pals who wish to join the workshop;put on your goggles and come over!!! See you (hopefully??)

hi pal,will you by flying later today too? Hope you'll be there!! X x x

will you join us for the workshop too? Hope you do! X x x

Looking forward to fly with #TheAviators later!!!You're joining too,right?