All-round weirdo and Smiths freak. Urm, yeah... #MozArmy #BlueRoseSociety

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The Smiths do NOT suck... D':

YEAH, Have you heard his songs?! He's amazing! But this guy's better...

Well, that's why NME gave him the Godlike Genius award. :P x

I make crap Hot Chocolate, I mean, what is that?! :L xxx

Haha, yep. I nearly picked that one. But babies are cute too. :)

Nevermind The Buzzcocks is so much better with Noel Fielding, rather than this weird dude...

I've managed to (kinda) fix a pair of my converse. They're still looking very rough... :P xxx

The little chickens I made for english, totally should've done Graphics as a GCSE... #Talented :P xx

I must go to one of these, I need friends that like The Smiths to go with me, but alas! I have none.

But his shoes... Seriously Johnny, they look like my 10-year-old brother's school shoes, with heels!

I got myself some reading material for a few days. Look who's on the cover! It's JOHNNY BLOODY MARR!

Ah, I love this! #Mozarmy