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I'm a #Gleek n #Twihard I ship Finchel n I'm team jacob I Don't stop believin' #FinchelForver oh Cory Monteith direct messaged me n Damian McGinty tweet me

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I'd just love to go and see them singing so I could take one of these

Wearing sunglasses in doors... Yes I'm normal

My tribute to Brody Weston

lol I wore the loser top today

boo to you too!

I'm so not dreaming


awww my boyfriend is so cute

Me this morning trying to do the old Rachel Berry hair style

one of the pics I sore on friday when my tutor let me not do my work

everytime I walk past this road sign I think of and

remember when mercedes wants puppies 2 wipe her hands on n rachel say a type of dog

my cat was sat on my back about 10 mins ago is a pic

look at my cake :( I cut his name in half

cake !!!

I was makin a cake 2day while listenin 2 some music n kinda wrote ur name on it

have u seen my bedroom wall now lol

My fave slide of my slide show just for the bullet point of Monchele riots

one pic that didn't up load yest

in college we have to make power points on the computers and this is one of my slides

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