Shaunna Shurtliff


laugh. be happy. keep up the good work, unless the work you do sucks, then just stop already and give up

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A reward for myself for passing my real estate test *idn't she sexy!

My birthday present from my love.. Just call me rose dawson #bluesaphire #hopediamond #mylove


That's not a woman that's a man!! Lmao! Beyonce, ew.. *singing* devil inside, devil inside

Aw. Cute friends

mmmm.I'm drinking this..mmmm

My best & longest friend.. Always a good time even when I'm girl on the ground

I can't stop laughing at this!.this dude asleep at the club #lmao #drais #afterhours

Oooh Burn!!!

Having amazing people in your life that love you is what life is happy. Live your life

Take a pic'cha by the tree!!... Do me a fava..get away from the tree!

My son is a giant.. 14.. 6'3”.. #dimples #korean #black #white #handsome #myfav

#bacon ..I am your father

We had to decorate his pole...#bestie #screwyoucancer #cancersucks

I love this girl justyce

I love miss justyce #nieceobsessions

Me, me, me, me, me - me

The white meat between my brazilian marocain hotties

Awesome.. I love him

”Booooooooobs” - a horny ghost

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