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I sent it before, but I'll send it again. Can't get more badass an avatar than Samuel L. Jackson.


Can't get more of a badass avatar than Samuel L. Jackson. You know you wanna. ^_~

Awww. Not koo. First the camera, now this. Here, smile:

Yeah, he does!

Congratulations~!!! Winning fights & throwing Armbars on opponents:

I think this guy needs a copy of #LivingLean.

What's that, childhood? Your ass hurts? I wonder why.

When steps into the cage, you know:

I am honored, good sir. You are truly:

Yeah. I run on this.

Damn, Bas:

Just saw the video for your "Juji Squish Roll". Dare I say:

I carry this with me. Best. Fortune. Ever.

The people must have it~!!!