1989 state spelling bee champion. Passionate for brain food, getting lost on purpose, and making things.

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Being a doula is pretty awesome, you guys.

Forecast: bleak.

This is pretty much my opinion of New Years Eve every year.

This is me, drunk with Australians, Boxing Day party, now.

My caricature of .

Happy Christmas Eve from my barista.

Want to see a bunch of fuckin idiots waiting in line for over 24 hours for shoes? Here ya go.

Hey, local supermarket: calm down. It's not even the start of Winter yet. #WishfulThinking

LIES. Get your shit together, Victoria's Secret!

Well played.

Marimekko! (this place always makes me think of )

Momofuku mealtime in the lower East side with and and the two Argentinians. Be jealous.

This is OMNI 350. I'm drinking it to make my insides glow. It tastes like sweet, sweet radiation.

string love in a sunbeam

Something tells me The Stig wouldn't drive a Ford Explorer. But it's what's in your heart that counts, right?

Day One. Commute.

Martini and Cosmo day. Styrofoam lime.

Helena Bonham Carter, age 75, spotted at my local Top Pot Donuts.

It's taken 14 years to find food cool enough for my cat to like; Hawaiian fish. She's hooked on the Poipu Platter.

What's got you down, Clown?

(at Pike Place Market, Seattle)

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