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There's no crying in tubing. Ok maybe when the emergency room is involved its acceptable. #fliprequest #badidea

With my girl at #project, the booth and line look both pretty damn good. 2012

Bubble bee getting arrested. Guess being a transformer doesn't mean shit in Vegas.

About to skate with New set up, damn fucking time. My motto lives through.

Shooting in a national landmark today. Glorious Pearl Harbor. first

Me and in the land of coconuts and palm trees to shoot this first. Aloha bitches

Big thanks to for letting me stay in his room in Mammoth. Not a bad view. Party on tonight

Even when I'm in the bay, comes through with fun gigs.

Hollywood for the weekend. Only the essentials in the whip.

First time, don't think I could be anymore disappointed. $13 bucks for a burger fries and a drink and it sucks

Fact - Drinking shitty beer out of these glasses makes it taste better. And yes I enjoy stacys pita chips.

This is how the night ends for . Jolly as can be. #hammertime

This is what happens when drinks at bigwangs all day. The laughter is unavoidable.

I'm only down with candy that's so sour it has to have a warning that it might fuck up your mouth.

If you ever get the chance to stay at 's house. I say do it. You get to sleep in a magic forest.

Only bad thing about making your phone into an old fisheye. Is you look like an asshole when you take calls

at costco marc just constructed the "fishbite" machine. Old school fish on an Evo??

convinced me to pull off the 5 and hit this shit box. Fucking fried cat strips and a sundae

Come one come all to the annual ugly sweater Christmas party. If you can't find an ugly sweater bring your ugly mug.

Just got to hey and whats up with these anal beads out back on the ground?