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Flame-point Siamese mix. Born to be doted on. Likes rattle mice & string-on-a-stick. High CQ* (Cuteness Quotient) P.S. Riled admin of @TuffycatsCause -- #noBPA!

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Oh dear! My brother, Stewart, has rekindled the Cute Off between him and me. Here's his latest salvo:

Here I am, exuding cuteness. Let the votes for the me vs. Stewart Cute Off begin!! MOL!

My brother, Stewart, whose CQ* is off the charts. I'm feeling competitive, so we're having a Cute Off. Pic of me next!

Look what my brother Stewart and I found in my human's forbidden stash of stuffed animals:

Cuteness alert! My brother Stewart in baby seal mode with Cheezin Quackers by his side.

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Let's play "Cat or Pillow?"

Open drawer. Insert cat.

[*huff puff*] I found George's crown at last! But...well, see for yourself:

The other 2/5ths of the family: my brother, Stewart, and my stepmother, Cinnamon. Champion nappers, one and all.

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It's family portrait time! Here's a pic of my stepbrother and stepsister, Mickey and Minnie!

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Last Valentine of the day from my brother Mickey:

Surprise! Cat-in-the-box! Better than a jack-in-the-box any day of the week.

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Gettin' after it in the New Year!

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Look how cute I am? ...If I do say so myself.

Whoa... Double cats!

Okay, yes, that is my brother's behind sticking out above my head. But the bottom bunk is comfier. Trust me on this

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A day spent in contemplation, surrounded by a little light reading. I do like to stay up-to-date on my manners.

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Playing Gargoyle. I recommend it. It's quite meditative.

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Who needs green beer on St. Patrick's Day when you can play "Kill the Green Ribbon." And, no, I'm not big on sharing.

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As my brother demonstrates, a nap isn't so much about comfort as getting the job done.

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